I’m sure a lot of you fellow networkers come across people that you feel don’t belong in networking or just plain don’t get it. When I come across them, I feel we need to give grace, help them out and or educate them.

When I first started going to networking events and building my network I fell into the typical obstacles that held me back and kept me from being the type of person that pays it forward and truly understands what networking is all about. Be that professional who helps, mentors and educates new and existing professions about how to network and be a prolific member of the networking community. By doing this you will be known as gracious, maybe a mentor or just a kind human being who likes to help others. Also you may help another professional be a effective member in the business community and truly understands what networking is all about: building lasting relationship with other professionals and being a functional member their your community. Finally when your at your next event find that lost soul and be gracious but putting them under your wing and showing them the networking craft you know.

Carpe Diem~