As a previous GM of Operations for a facility management company and having over 20 years of construction experience I’ve had a lot of vendors that worked for me and part of my vetting process was making sure the vendor/contractor had all the required documentation. For those business owners who don’t have the luxury to hire a facility management firm or know how to find a qualified contractor here are some tips to help you with finding a reputable company.

  • Bids: Always¬†get¬†at least 3 bids for any project¬†and never pick the lowest bid.¬†By picking the lowest bid the vendor/contractor might be inexperienced or low balled on their bid which may cost you more than the other bids because they will ask for more money.¬†Remember, add-ons are a reality in construction, and unscrupulous contractors use them for leverage.
  • Verify Licenses: Make sure the vendor is licensed, bonded, insured, in good standing with the state they are licensed in and of course a valid state ID to verify.¬†
  • References: Ask for references for previous work.¬†When you contact the client ask:
  • Were there extra costs or overruns?
  • Did the vendor communicate well?
  • Was the vendor fair and honest?
  • How was the quality of work?
  • Was the project completed on time?

Remember there are always unknowns in construction which may result in cost overruns but if you have a good contractor they will communicate with you and keep you up to date on any cost overruns or problems.¬†These are just a few tips to make your projects run smoothly and to help you pick the right vendor/contractor.¬† If in doubt go to this site to verify the vendor/contractor. Finally keep in mind of the Good, Fast & Cheep diagram when selecting the right vendor and you’ll have a good start in your vetting process.

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