I’ve attended my fair share of networking events in the Seattle area and I have some pet peeves that drive me crazy at times and I wish to share two of them: professionals not having business cards and poor & meager looking business cards.

I understand and been there before not having business cards at a networking event because I was new in my job or I simply ran out. By not having business cards you might miss out on a important connection or business opportunity. I believe business cards are a essential tool in networking, business and in everyday life to grow, to maintain and use as a conversation starter. I love collecting business cards, writing notes on them when I meet someone so when I connect via phone or email I can make the conversation more personal. A excellent way to be prepared is to keep a extra set of cards in your vehicle, your partners bag or purse, in your wallet or whatever you may be a acceptable spot.

Cheap or meager looking business cards. Business card are an extension & reflection of you and by not having business cards designed by a experienced designer looks cheap, boring and may reduce your image or a less memorable experience. Spend the money to get quality design, photos, materials and maybe something unique to help you with a conversation starter.

Finally, business cards will not ensure your success but it can help. The first impression is critical and may be the difference between success and failure at a networking event or business meeting.

Carpe Diem~