How To Start a Google My Business

Online Reputation is everything to all businesses especially if you want to raise your brand awareness, grow your business, promote your business or even highlight your positive reviews. That’s why every business should have a Google My Business and have a free marketing tool that will reduce customer service calls, give valuable information about your business and to showcase your positive reviews. Here’s how to get your company started on Google My Business:

  • Set Up: You need a Google email to get this all started but once you have your email set go to the top right of your Google page and click on the 9 DOT ICON and select MY BUSINESS (You might have to scroll down to find it). If that doesn’t work for you go to
  • Manage Now: Once on the page, make sure you’re signed in and then go to MANAGE NOW.
  • Business Name: Enter your business name (DBA – Doing Business As), and make sure to verify & write in your correct business name you want to show up. Then click NEXT.
  • Category: Enter the category of your business IE. if you’re a restaurant supply store make sure it says Restaurant supply store. Click on NEXT.
  • Brick & Mortar or Online: Do you want to add a location customers can visit, like a store or office? Select on YES or NO and then click on NEXT.
  • Address: Type in your full business address and then click on NEXT.
  • Serve: Do you also serve customers outside this location? If your coverage area is more than your current city select on YES or NO and click on NEXT.
  • Service Areas: If you clicked on YES, then add all your service areas IE. Seattle Metropolitan area, Seattle, Olympia, Tacoma Metropolitan area. Click on Next.
  • Phone & Website: What contact details do you want to show to customers? Add your business phone number and your website address. If you don’t have a website yet you can add it later, click on NEXT.

Tip: You’ll also have the option to create a free website based on your information. It’s recommended that you provide the individual phone number or store page for each location, rather than a single centralized call center.

  • Finish: Finish and manage this listing. Click on FINISH.
  • Verify: Choose a way to verify. I suggest Postcard by mail to verify your business. You will get a verification code in the mail within 3-7 business days. And then click on MAIL to get your mail sent. When you see A Postcard is Coming!, then you’re all set. Click on CONTINUE.
  • Hours: Add your business hours and click on SAVE.
  • Description: Add your business description. You have 750 characters to use and I suggest 500+ characters and use key words (use this site to help you with useful key words: Wordstream) Click on SAVE.
  • Photos: Add as many photo’s as possible with your business watermark on it and I suggest you add at least 50 images. Click on NEXT.
  • Ready: Your Business Profile is almost ready and lick on CONTINUE.
  • And Then? The rest is up to you, make sure you completely fill in every with all the details.

From there its all up to you to add all your relevant information, images, Q&A, booking, menu or products, etc. Caution, you might not be able to fill this out completely until you get your business verified via mail. Once your Google My Business is verified, then you will be able to use all the tools plus on the Home Page it will have several boxes to cue you in to fill out. If you have any problems with any of this you can contact Google support or you can ask us for information or help.

Carpe Diem~