A strong online reputation equals trust, credibility and increased conversion rates

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Increase Your Leads & Sales: Close more deals

More positive online ratings/reviews leads to a stronger online reputation thereby increasing your conversion rates. A simple 1-star bump in business ratings can lead to as much as 5 - 9 % increase in overall revenue. Propel your business to new heights by earning qualified traffic. NO matter what business you are in Digby Media has your back.

Google My Business

Improving your business' rating on the Google My Business platform will position your company to gain trust rapidly with potential customers. Did you know that almost 50% of consumers look for at least a 4-star rating before they decide to use a business?

Skyrocket Reputation: Watch your sales roll in 

Web consumers read an average of 7 online reviews before they can trust a business. By building stronger ratings across the most popular review platforms your bottom line will increase. 3 out of 4 consumers trust a business more if they have positive reviews. Whether you are in the process of opening your business or are in need of rebuilding your existing online reputation, we are here to help!

The following statistics and facts portray current online search trends

Google controls over 75% of all the search engine traffic.

90% of searchers only look at the 1st page of search results which they use to form their impression.

Up-to 64% of people trust search engines when conducting research on products and services.

When people search for you online, you definitely want them to get a positive first impression of you at a glance on page 1. Which is where Digby Media comes in - using Google My Business ratings and review system, we get you a Reputation That You Can Count On!

Your online reputation can be your strongest asset or a huge liability.  We know what you’d prefer it to be, because a strong online reputation = success. The facts speak for themselves to absolutely prove the value of online reputation management for businesses, brands and individuals.

Online reputation facts and stats – online search:


Being on the first page of a Google search for your name, your company’s name or any search term attracts 95% of traffic from a targeted keyword search.


93% of people say online reviews impact their buying decisions.


75% of businesses say online reviews, comments and forum posts are important to the financial and reputational status of their business.


The average consumer reads approximately 7 reviews before feeling able to trust a local business.

When potential customers search for you online, you want them to get a positive first impression at a glance on the first page of Google

Facts about online consumers

Trust in your product/service can increase by up to 73% if you have positive reviews on the major reputation platforms.

Personal recommendations from friends and family members offer up-to 85% more trust about a product or service

90% of consumers take the time to read reviews before deciding to click through to a website

Before making any purchase decisions online, 93% of consumers check online reviews.

Online reputation management can and will influence all of the above facts and also...


Increase your revenue - businesses with more reviews that have positive comments and high ratings close more deals.


Added credibility - a high online visibility plus positive comments and reviews makes the business look credible towards your employees, customers and peers.


Attract/Retain Better Partners - BUsiness brands with a credible and positive vibe always attracts better customers, peers and stakeholders.


Solidifies trust - A good reputation in a brand or company leads to trust across all respective channels.

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